To help individuals reach their credit and financial goals. We are driven to help individuals make what seems impossible, possible.


To be a center where people not only reach their goals but move forward with confidence and peace.

Platinum Credit NOW

We are a full service credit counseling center for any credit issue you face. Platinum Credit NOW  provides you with a custom counseling program to help you achieve your credit goals. We  provide many services to give an extra hand, including our Platinum Services, settlement help, debt relief, foreclosure prevention services, bankruptcy preparation, and many others.

What We Do

We help people determine their goals (what do you really want) and create a plan to get there. Our plan is tailors to you. Where you are now and how to get to where you want to go. We are your compass, your accountability partner, your advisor, your cheerleader.

Managing Your Credit with a Busy Schedule

Managing your finances is important. Understanding what is on your credit profile is critical for financial planning, but it is a complicated process. Many small pieces of information come together to create a larger credit score. It does not take into account how they got to that point, whether through medical emergencies or a temporary period of unemployment. What matters is the number people see when they are considering for home loans, business investments, or even job opportunities. For people with busy schedules, this can be a time-consuming and challenging task, that’s why we are here to help.

Platinum Credit NOW: A Better Financial Future

Platinum Credit NOW helps you navigate your way through various numbers to build a stable financial future. We can guide you through large financial decisions, like buying your first home or building your savings for retirement. We offer services to repair your credit as well, delving into the maze of numbers that make up the score to help you improve it.

Our experienced team provides confidential advice to help repair your current credit file with the major credit reporting bureaus and prepare for major life decisions. We are committed to creating a safe environment where you can ask questions and provide sensitive information so we can create a sound financial foundation for you and your family. Our counseling sessions are one on one to maintain confidentiality and confidence in our services.

Why Platinum Credit NOW?

Our program does more than repair your credit. Platinum Credit NOW works not only on bringing you out of debt; it educates you on how to prevent damaging your credit in the future. By addressing the root causes that brought you to our services, we look to prevent any future financial crises. After your initial services are complete, we offer support whenever you need it. Like you, we are committed to keeping your credit profile healthy. The services that Platinum Credit NOW offers are designed to bring you closer to you financial goals. Our team can help you work on purchasing the house you have had your eye on or start allowing you to save money for retirement. No matter what the goal, we have a way to set you on the right path.

Personal Financial Solutions

We are not providing a blanket, generic service; every customer receives a plan that fits their needs. The next step in the program is a thorough exploration of your current financial position. Your credit reports are combed through to make sure they are accurate. It is at this time we investigate your current debt load and ability to save, giving us a clear look at the first steps of building up your financial position. Once we can see the whole picture, we will create a detailed plan to move you closer to your life goals.

Our founding principle is the idea that everyone deserves sound financial advice and an opportunity to rebuild their life. Your credit score is just a small fraction of who you are, but it can have an impact on your opportunities. We want you to get through the program and tell others, “Not only did I reach my credit goal working with Platinum Credit NOW, but they also saved me more money than it cost to join.” Platinum Credit NOW ensures that you can once again have control of your financial future.