Our Process, Simplified and Transparent.

Taking the first step on the path to building your credit is the biggest and most difficult one. Finances are a delicate topic; Platinum Credit NOW offers a secure place  to discuss your financial situation and receive the assistance you seek. Now that you are considering the first step, we’ll pull back the curtain and show you the steps we will take with you.

Step 1

Reach Out To Us

On our contact page, we offer a variety of methods to reach out. This is the next step on your path. Call us or fill out the form so we can learn about your situation and tailor a solution for your needs.

Step 2

Schedule A Free Consultation

We offer a free phone consultation to establish your financial & credit needs. We will help you decide on the best program for your situation. Let’s start the Platinum Credit NOW journey call today to set up your free consultation!

Step 3

Executing The Plan

Once you commit to the right Platinum Credit NOW plan, we will spend the next several months monitoring your credit and helping you build good fiscal habits. If your credit changes, either in a positive or negative way, we will notify you and help you understand why it changed and what the impact is on your goals. If we need to, we will make adjustments to the plan.

Step 4

Reviewing the Results

The process will go by quicker than you think! Throughout, your plan, we will review your progress, show you where you started and how far you have come in relation to your goals. It is possible to achieve significant progress towards your credit & financial goals in 3 to 6 months but, you may need extra time for them to bear fruit. If that is the case, we will make sure you have all the tools you need to complete the program and reach your goals.

Step 5

Continuing Support

Becoming one of our clients has benefits that last beyond your membership. We want to see you succeed in your goals and be able to maintain that success. There is an open door to contact us with any questions or challenges that relate to your goals. Depending on the needs of the issue, we have a la carte services you can utilize to help you stay on target. Minor bumps in the road may be able to be handled with just a phone call! Never hesitate to reach out to us with questions that could prevent future fiscal & credit troubles.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Now that you know how it works, we want to help answer more of your questions. Fill out the form below to reach out and schedule a conference call with one of our coaches to begin your path to an improved financial & credit future.

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