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Financial decisions have a large impact on your life. They can affect everything from getting a loan for a home to getting a job. Not only can they have a large impact, they can be incredibly intimidating. If you are in debt, which bills do you pay first? How do you start saving for the future? What is the path to a better financial life?

Platinum Credit NOW was started knowing that these are important questions to have answered. Our staff has trained to become certified credit counselors, debt settlement experts, and financial coaches. From the basics of building credit to starting to save for that new home, we know how to navigate finances and advise you on the best path for your situation.

You will never see any of our agents reach into a file and hand you a checklist. We assess every situation with an eye for how we can help you reach your financial goals. Beyond setting you on the path to better finances, we give you a map of the path. We are going to educate you on how to manage your money in the future, keeping you free of debt and the issues that accompany it.

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